We’re Steering Artisan Circle’s Parking

May 14, 2024

We’re Steering Artisan Circle’s Parking

Universal Parking proudly announces its latest endeavor in parking management at Artisan Circle, situated in the vibrant heart of Fort Worth, Texas. This distinctive project encompasses the oversight of five parking garages within Fort Worth’s esteemed cultural district.

Artisan Circle, spanning 282,805 square feet, forms an urban village across five walkable blocks nestled in the Southeast quadrant of University Drive and West 7th Street. This dynamic locale already hosts a plethora of more than 25 upscale dining, wellness, and entertainment establishments.

“Universal Parking will add to our commitment to enhance accessibility, service, aesthetics and the overall user experience – to ensure that Artisan Circle remains an iconic Fort Worth destination,” says Kathy Permenter, co-managing partner of Younger Partners. “From colors, textures, lights, sounds and tastes – we’re focused on each sense, detail and service for our customers total experience”.

Universal Parking will implement a white label Scan-to-Pay solution, ParkwithU. This end-to-end digital solution promises to enhance the customer experience for Artisan Circle guests in a gateless environment.

Operations commenced on May 1, marking the beginning of our commitment to excellence at Artisan Circle!