About Us

We provide tailored parking management services on behalf of property owners and asset managers. Our management team has over 175 years experience operating complex and diverse parking applications. Turnkey provider for all of your parking needs.

Company Overview

Experienced Industry Leader

Universal Parking is a leading innovator in the parking industry. We provide a complete parking operations solution including:

  • Founded 2021
  • Locally-owned and operated
  • 225 employees
  • $100M in revenues
  • Parking management services
  • Facility maintenance
  • Customized accounting, auditing and reporting
  • Professional recruiting, staffing and training
  • Design and functional review services
  • Equipment installation, service and support

Commercial & Financial Strength

Our outstanding reputation was built by delivering on bold commitments. Our team is committed to achieving the following goals:

  • Maximizing the financial performance of your parking facility
  • Improving the guest experience
  • Providing outstanding client service and communication
  • Maintaining impeccable ethical standards and professionalism
  • Utilizing state-of-the-art technology reporting and auditing processes

Offerings at a Glance

Primary Objective

We have complete understanding and appreciation of the importance of a positive guest experience and the support role parking operations play.

Technological Advances

We stay abreast of the latest technological innovations for the parking industry and can assist with budgeting, selection and implementation of optimal solutions for your facility.

Revenue Controls

We handle significant amounts of revenue for our clients, and it is critical that proper controls are in place to ensure security.


Timeliness, accuracy and flexibility of reporting are a month the most important functions for maximizing parking operations.


Universal conducts a stringent, three-layer auditing process that begins at each specific location.

Customer Service

We provide service responses to all our site on a 24-hour per day, seven (7) day per week schedule.

Training and Leadership

In all instances and prior to working on any sites, all on-site personnel and support staff are fully trained.

Standard Operating Procedures

Our objective is to support team members and eliminate any performance challenges that can negatively impact the parking operation and/or customer service.

Comprehensive Safety Protocol

Universal is committed to the highest standards of cleanliness and safety.

Routine Maintenance

We use targeted, high-pressure steam, the safest and most effective method for graffiti, gum, oil, and grease removal.

EV Charging Services

We offer expertise and key contacts within the EV charging sector and assist in developing and implementing a thoughtful strategy for the future.

ESG Green Programs

We maintain a company-wide focus on the environment in which all staff & any subcontractors receive the appropriate training and resources toward achieving our specific objectives.

TDM Strategies

We can assist with the development and implementation of a wide variety of tdm strategies to improve help maximize the utility of your parking facility and improve the cost, time and efficiency of commuting.

Demand/Utilization Analyses

We are well-versed in all aspects of demand/utilization analyses, including the collection of data both manually and from various technological systems and tools.

Marketing/Leasing Services

Our experience operating similar facilities enables us to offer a wide variety of marketing/leasing services, which enhance both financial performance and the tenant/guest experience.

Tenant Retention

Upon award, we look forward to integrating parking operations within the context of your management and leasing teams.

Revenue-Generating Services

We offer additional value-added services that are cost effective, easily implemented and provide an enhanced customer experience.

Executive Team

Advisory Board